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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sleazy Breeder Strumpets Save Aussie AIDS Victims

Down here in darkest Australia one of the things that we have to be proud of (and believe me such things are few and far between) is our response to the HIV pandemic. Back in the mid 1980's we decided in to adopt a judgement free approach to HIV prevention rather than get all caught up in the morality of the issue.

Central to this harm minimisation approach is the National Strategy on HIV/AIDS which allocates funding and resources from our Federal Government to the states in a seemly and coordinated manner. Funds are provided to the states to run free sexual health services, provide testing and medications, run safer sex education programmes and most importantly run Needle and Syringe Programmes (NSP).

It proved a huge success. By the early 90's HIV had been largely confined to the homosexual male population and rates amongst us nancy-boys has levelled off and then declined. By preventing the disease from spreading to injecting drug users through we protected the rest of the community. A good public health outcome and all without an appreciable increase in injecting drug use.

However, around 2002 the rates of HIV amongst queer men started to rise, though I will sermonise on the reasons for that in another entry. The Fourth National Strategy had lapsed and the homophobic, racist, conservative Federal Government had not yet implemented a Fifth Strategy. Not only that rates of syphilis were also on the rise amongst gay men and aboriginal and islander Australians. And why bother? They're just poofs and lazy blacks - who cares if they die, right?

Well fortunately the affected breeder progeny of Middle Australia came to the rescue. It was revealed that heterosexual youths (particularly the girls) were experiencing a lusty increase in the rates of chlamydia and naturally our pro-family Federal Government couldn't have the wombs of the future scarred by that nasty bug could they? Who would work the menial jobs, consume the products, keep the homes, provided the next generation of aspirationals and blindly vote for the Tories?

So on the 17th June this year the Federal Minister for Health the Hon. Tony Abbott MP announced the Fifth National Strategy on HIV/AIDS. Naturally the peak representative body of HIV positive people in Australia, the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA) made a similar press release praising the incredible foresight of our Glorious Leadership and welcoming the Strategy.

Now of course the Strategy is welcome but it seems to this nasty queen that rather than praising the Feds for being so criminally late with it's release NAPWA should have asked "What the fuck took you so long?"

Still I suppose I shouldn't be so ungrateful. From now on, whenever I see some 17 year old bogan bimbette trolling around a shopping centre in her low cut brand name jeans and dementedly texting her mouth breathing boyfriend, I'll say to myself - "there's the slut that gave her virginity to save my people."



For those of you seized by an overwhelming desire to read the media release from the Hon. Tony Abbott MP (a failed catholic seminarian who known as the Mad Monk) you can get the low down by visiting:

In addition you can check out the NAPWA statement and download copies of the National Strategy in PDF format if you visit:


At Mon Jul 18, 08:10:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That God that the breeders have been spared this aweful disease in Australia. It was so simple. I wonder why the Amerikans couldn't figure it out?

What is this 5th strategy to refer to? I don't feel like going to the link to read more.

At Mon Jul 18, 08:38:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...

Greetings Ronnie! The National Strategy on HIV and AIDS is the policy which directs the response to HIV, STD's and Hepatitis C in Australia. It coordinates the activities of Federal and State governments and the community sector. There have been 5 thus far. It is the cornerstone of our efforts to combat the spread of the virus and provide services to PLWH/A's.



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