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Saturday, January 12, 2008

As Positive as You Wanna Be: ICP 2.7

'sup Faggotz,

Ever committed to the global touchy feeliness that is HIV/AIDS on the Internet, the Spin Cycle is proud to play host to Edition 2.7 (January 2008) of the International Carnival of Pozitivities. We here at the Cycle have a special place in our collective rice-grain sized heart for the ICP. We were the inaugural post on the inaugural Carnival, way back in . . . well, a long fucking time ago.

Here's how it works. A whole lotta folks have penned articles on their blogs with HIV as a common theme and we link to all of them here. This is chock full of some excellent shit people. There's science, there's community activism, there are heart rending accounts of the human cost of AIDS, there are videos.


There's even stuff for the religious sorts amongst you.

Our contributors are an eclectic mob to say the least. From newbies to established bloggers, to the Red Cross and Red Crescent, and even the fucking US Government. It's a red letter event, my lovelies.

So without further delay and in no particular order, welcome to the January 12, 2008 edition of international carnival of pozitivities!

Dave Wessner and Ali Cundari of Davidson College present Cognitive Dissonance Theory & HIV/AIDS Prevention.
posted at: The AIDS Pandemic

Mark of DropDeadHappy has nominated Burnout on the Frontlines.
posted at: Protectinsite

Nadege will tell us all about Creating a Positive Attitude.
posted at: Clearly Envizion

Alvaro Fernandez wonders if we might be interested in Travel and Engagement as Good Brain Exercise.
posted at: Sharpbrains

Baan Gerda reports on How a Dying Mother Helped Define Our Community.
posted at: Baan Gerda

Daniel Garcia comes over all grateful as he tell us that it Makes him think...of how thankful we all should be.
posted at: 2Sides2Ron
Daniel goes onto to say that When we rarely get out of our own sphere of living, we forget the vast differences in the world that exist beyond the horizon. This video helps us get a new perspective on the world and HIV plays a role in it. Please visit the The Miniature Earth Project.

More science, why not? Drs Myhre presents Tuesday Night Numbers-Still in Bundibugyo examining parallels and differences between HIV and Ebola prove that understanding both can be critical for public health.
posted at: ParadoxUganda

Everybody's friend, Daniel Dames presents Men's Health and HIV/AIDS in the Black Communities of Africa and the Caribbean.
posted at: Dennis Dame's TIGBlog

Melody offers us More from the winning essays in Nata.
posted at: The Nata Village Blog

Mark informs us that HIV Stops With Me.
posted at: HIV Stops With Me

Jack Hampster presents Worlds AIDS Day.
posted at: Drill and Hammer

The lovely Dragonette hopes to Exhale.
posted at: NotPerfectAtAll

Noted eggheads Nelson Vergel and Dr. David Wohl present HIV Metabolic Complications Myths.
presented at: Surviving HIV

ICP Ring Master Ron Hudson sneaks one in with Today is my 23rd, uh, no 22nd Anniversary.
posted at: 2Sides2Ron

O NOES! It's da Fedz! Herewith the US Government's Transgender Factsheet.
posted at: US Department of Health and Human Services

Jeremy gives us the Friday Minutes.
posted at The Evolution of Jeremiah

You loved them in Dissonance Theory, now marvel once more at Dr. Dave Wessner and Andrew Johnson of Davidson College as they report that
Merck announces failure of V520 HIV vaccine candidate.
posted at: The AIDS Pandemic

Alexander Robinson presents Let's Not Forget About AIDS on World AIDS Day.
He notes: "National Black Justice Coalition CEO: It is urgent that the LGBT movement begin to refocus more of its energy and attention to dealing with HIV/AIDS and strike a delicate balance between the hard fought social issues of today and the public health concerns of HIV/AIDS that lies ahead of us on tomorrow."
posted at: The Bilerico Project

Rachel Walden sticks one up Mike Huckabee's big baptist butt with HIV Related Bigotry in Politics.
posted at: Our Bodies Our Selves

Andrs Duque presents Puerto Rico: Government should end offensive STD prevention campaign, activists ask for a public apology.
posted at: Blabbeando

Jim Johnson presents for the religious types Rick Warren: Church "Here to Stay" On AIDS Ministry.
posted at: Straight not Narrow

Hospice Guy presents Hospice Blog: HIV/AIDS and hospice
presented at: Hospice Blog

AIDS Chicago presents, in glorious YouTube Vision, Faith Responds to AIDS.
posted at: YouTube

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have come over all "interfaith" to bring us Living with... and speaking out HIV/AIDS Stigma.
posted at: YouTube
Please visit The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for more information.

Marie at Myspace presents High Rate of False Positives at DC Clinics.
posted at: Marie at Myspace

SIDACTION of France sobers us all with SIDACTION.
posted at: YouTube France
For those who, like Matty the Damned, don't speak a word of French (and why would you?) the caption reads: "In the world, someone dies of AIDS every 10 seconds. Time flies. Send in your donation to SIDACTION." Should you want to part with your hard earned, see this link for more details.

The HUB-Witness brings us Awaiting Tomorrow - people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
posted at: The HUB-Witness

Farid de la Ossa (a special guest artist with 2Sides2Ron) presents Farid de la Ossa's "Awareness Due HIV".
posted at: 2Sides2Ron

Last of all we have Mohammad Khairul Alam another guest writer with 2Sides2Ron.
posted at: 2Sides2Ron.

And there you have it people, Edition 2.7 of the International Carnival of Pozitivities. Take the time to examine each of the offerings here carefully because, unlike you lot, these people are actually making an effort.

A special note of thanks here to Ron Hudson, ICP Whipmaster for a sterling effort. Ron is a long standing friend of the Cycle and one of our preferred perverts. His assistance in getting this Edition out has been invaluable. We salute you Ron!

I'm advised that the next edition of the ICP will be held at NotPerfectAtAll and is scheduled to hit the Netz on February 10th. For more information see the ICP Website.



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At Sun Jan 13, 07:27:00 AM GMT+11, Anonymous Kel said...

Bucko and MattyD
Belated Merry Christmas! I love You!

At Mon Jan 14, 04:23:00 AM GMT+11, Blogger Ron Hudson said...

Thank you for the hard work, Matty and crew. It was a tremendous help to me this month. I hope that there will be many visitors and that they will leave some feedback for each of the contributors and for you.

Peace my friend(s),

Ron Hudson

At Sun Jan 20, 05:37:00 AM GMT+11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post. This was a great round-up - looking forward to the next edition.

At Tue Apr 22, 12:25:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Matty! Are you still mad at me for being who I am? I do miss arguing with you. As you would say "oh my".
I hope you are well. J

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