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Thursday, February 07, 2008

How will YOU vote?

I have heard all kinds of reasons people are going to vote for this candidate or that one, and I have heard all the inane reasons for these choices. Hillary is a whore, a lesbian, shouldn’t have stuck to her vows with Bill and left him, is part of the establishment and so on ad nauseum. As for some of the other candidates; I have heard just as much, including that Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Gay people are talking about voting for McCain because the Democratic slate is so fucked up. First off, just like when Raygun got into the job, few people asked the citizens of California what kind of a Governor he was. Well, you need to ask a few Republicans in Arizona how McCain has worked out for us before you waste your precious vote on an imbecile that is rapidly becoming a shell of a man.

There is plenty of conversation about the economy, the cost of gasoline, the cost of food in the market, and the increasing cost of living without anyone addressing the lack of money in the salary to pay of all the current needs of living. There is a smattering of a discussion about the war that the conservative Christians of this country have foisted on us. There is a huge amount of time and words being given to illegal immigration and the stresses that they place on our society and budget. How come nobody is holding the Christian conservatives’ feet to the fire about how they are NOT enforcing the current plethora of immigration laws? Health Care, while a very important need, is right at the top of the list due to the thousands of bankruptcies in this country on an annual basis, due directly to the thousands of people who ARE insured under the new and improved health care mess that the conservative party has forced on us.

The candidates to a person are sticking to these very few talking points and messing about in a cloud of confusion about all of them and none of them. It seems that the new mantra this time around is “CHANGE”. I have news for you people out there with such a short memory. George Bush ran on the mantra of change, and change he did! Change in itself is not a bad thing, but one must be careful because the change you ask for is the change you probably not going to get. Change alone is not a reason to elect the leader of one of the largest countries on the planet, because after they get to Washington, they will find out that all those high in the sky promises they made to the electorate are just about as far from their capabilities as becoming Santa Clause. Remember, this congress is not useless; it is just imbalanced because we didn’t elect enough democrats last time to carry a majority against a congress that has become fat and rich. Just think, how much do you think any of the candidates really know about the stresses of everyday living for the normal middle class person like us. Shit, the worst decision any of them have had to make for years is “do I wipe my ass now, or wait for another few minutes to see if I am really done or not”. Think about it. They don’t even have to pick their clothing on a daily basis due to their Multi-Millionaire status in our economy now.

I want to bring a few things up that it appears nobody is talking about at all.

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock, you would realize that the next Executive of this country is going to be faced straight up with a record debt that we have never had before, and a war that is about 4000 years old, and we will never have any way of winning let alone come out looking “Victorious”. They will be hit head on by a continued diminishing oil supply, with no alternative in the wings to help out,
a crumbling Interstate Highway system that hasn’t been maintained for at least 9 years. Global warming that is accelerating far beyond what the scientists projected just three short years ago. A rail system that is crumbling into oblivion, with no investment from the government for years. A social service system that is drowning the country. Tax receipts that are not paying the bills, and will never do so as long as the ultra wealthy are exempt from any tax liability. And the list goes on and on.

When I hear and read that people are not going to vote for a Lesbian, it literally makes my skin crawl. How shallow can someone who is a college graduate be when they say that they are going to let their vote be directed by such garbage? I guess the hopelessness must extend to the “educated” electorate that to this observer seems to be sleepwalking because so very few of them are really thinking about the real issues of the next four years.

I know Global Warming is an issue that you have heard me mention on more than one occasion, and when it is snowing on the coast of California, it probably seems even more remote a thought. However, the latest science out of Greenland shows that the globe is far from warming unilaterally. At the end of last year, a report came out about the warming on a regional basis, and for one degree of warming on the equator; the poles are warming from 2 to 3 degrees. The temperature average in Greenland is now at an accumulative total of 8 degrees warmer than it was for the previous 100 years. No wonder rivers of melting ice are eroding the foundations of their glaciers, and acting like grease to accelerate their trip to the ocean. The projections for the rise of the oceans has now been moved up and they now expect that in five short years, cities like New York and London are going to have to really move rapidly to keep their cities from being flooded forever. Florida is going to have to start working on ways to keep Miami afloat yesterday, but alas, they haven’t even thought about it.

No folks, this time the office of the President must be filled with a very competent person who has a world view, has experience working WITH the rest of the planet, and must have the balls (or ovaries) to call the difficult shots, and put the oil companies in their place. They must invest in new technologies so that this country will become the leader of the world in harnessing the expulsion of damaging chemicals into our atmosphere. They will be forced to funnel monies into our infrastructure in ways and amounts that will make the conservatives shake in fear. The rail system needs to be super funded, and passenger/car service must be incorporated into Amtrak. The actual rail beds must be rebuilt and fortified so that when I get on a train here in Arizona, I can go to Jacksonville Florida WITHOUT having to go through Chicago.

From my observations of this presidential campaign; I am left speechless that such idiotic reasons are coming out of the mouths of intelligent people for their reasons for voting for such and such a candidate.

I think Ron White is correct; “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.


At Fri Feb 15, 02:13:00 PM GMT+11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Hillary is a whore? You know this how? You say she is a lesbian? You know this how?

I would expect better from someone like you but then anyone who misspells words like Reagan shouldn't be posting shit like this anyway.

At Sat Feb 16, 03:35:00 AM GMT+11, Blogger moffie said...

No wonder your name is anonymous...

When you get out of remedial reading class, you will find that none of the things I stated were my own thoughts of these people, only statements I have "heard" other people saying about this beautiful woman. As for Ronnie Ray-gun, I did not misspell his name, only created a little bit of a twist on his name and his idiotic rule of this country for his term of office. He after all, was the one responsible for 50,000 deaths of American Citizens due to HIV/AIDS before he would publicly admit that the damn virus was out of control.

Shit, why am I even wasting my time with you, you can't even read or state your name..

At Sat Mar 15, 07:41:00 PM GMT+11, Anonymous Josh said...

Frankly, I think it is more notable that you think Obama is Muslim, contrary to all actual evidence -- and no, a spam e-mail you got detailing how he is a terrorist bent on Jihad does not count as evidence.

At Sun Mar 16, 02:15:00 AM GMT+11, Blogger moffie said...


I find it amazing that the only two commentators on this Blog have misread what I wrote. Please go back to the beginning and read this carefully, and I think you will find that I have not committed my feelings to the first two paragraphs; but only stated what I have heard from OTHERS, and not what I feel.

I don't feel, nor do I even insinuate that Barak is a Muslum, nor that Hillary is a Whore. These are only statements I have heard from other ignorant people like you for example.


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