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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Weather It is a Changing.......

So, while the Presidential candidates are jibbing and jabbing at each other, all seeking to get into the ugliest job in America; what would happen but the "Bible Belt" gets smashed by the storm that left snow on the coast of California.

I watch the news each day with the anticipation and glee of a kid in a candy store, because my hunger for seeing what is happening in the world verges on an unhealthy obsession. I don't know if it comes from my past and my experiences of traveling the globe on a regular basis, but it really doesn't matter where the hunger comes from. I am watching as they are placing pictures of buildings, homes and cars all looking like the toys that the six year old had their way with. What a mess.

How do I react? That isn't such an easy answer. In my heart I am totally able to relate to the mess and to the urgency it places on the people that live in that area of the country. I have seen devastation and have witnessed the utter hopelessness that it brings to the people affected.

HOWEVER; my twisted sense of reality overwhelms me when I see someone on the screen saying "we prayed and prayed to help keep us save and alive, while all around there was hellatious destruction". My first question is, "what were you doing last week when California was getting slammed for a week with a winter storm that none of us alive have ever witnessed?"
Further, have you been living on this planet long enough to figure out that the storm systems in the northern hemisphere travel in a west to east direction and that in about a week you will be slammed with the same storm? Don't you realize that in about three days from today, England and Europe will be smashed with this same storm?

The most astounding thing that came to mind was the huge question "why are you praying and praying for protection?" Don't you realize that the God you are praying to was the same God that allowed the storm that is destroying your neighborhood to arrive today?

It is obvious to this writer that the planet's imbalance due to global warming is the main cause of these constant stream of "The Storm of The Century" repition we are witnessing now? Geeeesh. I guess this old man is just not with it, because I just don't understand the utter stupidity of this nation.

We claim to be a Christian nation, yet we slam our ignorance into the face of God above, and then wonder why he/she is allowing this pestilence upon our precious country.

Wake the Fuck Up!


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