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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My first post and manifesto

I first of all want to pay tribute to the man that made this all possible, my dearest coco, my soul saver, the helping hand, Bucko.
Je t’adore cherie.
Matty helped me through the technical details : thank you sweetie.
Ronnita will be supportive, i know that.

Let’s make some things clear to start with:
English is not my mother tongue : any mistakes be forgiven.
I will try to become more eloquent, so be patient .
This blog will be the outlet for my deepest thoughts. Just remember that.
If i sound depressed , i am. Let me vent it.
I will try to be a window on Europe, as far as my knowledge allows me to.
I am committing myself to post regularly. If i bore you, quit reading.
What you do to my sisters, you do to me. Don’t even think about it.
I will write about my spiritual experiences. They are real. I hate to fake.
Finally : it is my aim to entertain and share. Feel free to comment.

My next entry will be titled : angels. Not the heavenly ones, but the earthen.

By the way, i love my dog Lola whether you care or give a damn.

Yours truly,



At Tue Sep 20, 03:34:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...

Go get 'em Hermie!

Thanks for posting, and let me be the first to pop your comment cherry!


At Tue Sep 20, 03:36:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...

Vas-y, Hermie-

Merci d'avoir poste, et c'est a moi de depuceler tes commentaires!


At Tue Sep 20, 03:52:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Dan said...

I look foreward to reading your blog.


At Thu Sep 29, 05:02:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Rich said...

What is green and smells like Miss Piggy?

A: Kermit's finger! (Bah ha ha)

I knew you liked Miss Piggy. Thought you might appreciate that. :D

Love you,

Rich *


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