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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fuck David Hicks

Over this past weekend, my fellow Left-Wingers have worked themselves into a frenzy of self-righteous delight at the news that Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks (aka Abu Muslim al-Austraili, aka Mohamed Dawood) has won his latest court case in his ongoing campaign to get British citizenship.

Hicks, a 30 year old white Australian convert to Islam earned worldwide fame or notoriety (depending on your perspective) when he was captured in Afghanistan by US troops in late 2001. Like John Walker Lindh, another Honky for Allah, Hicks was found fighting on the side of the Taliban/Al-Quaeda forces.

Since then Hicks has languished in American detention. Categorised as an "unlawful combatant" not a prisoner of war he, like his fellow inmates, is denied the protections of relevant sections of International Law. The Hicks family and legal team headed by the implausibly clean cut US Marines Major Michael Mori hope that gaining British citizenship will see the Blair government petition the US for Hick's release - as they did with other British detainees.


Over the last four years, I have attended countless meetings, forums, rallies and chardonnay soaked fundraisers at which earnest types gather together to wring hands and listen to tedious speakers call for Hicks to be brought home. They urge compassion for this misunderstood young man who left his home and young family first to train with the Kosovo Liberation Army and then to take up arms with the Taliban. Poor David (according to the bleating of his increasingly irritating father Terry) was confused it seems. He had problems as a youth. His relationship failed. Drugs worked their insidious evil on his tortured mind.

Free David? Fuck David sounds better to me.

Now don't get me wrong, I have not joined the foetid ranks of the Queer Conservative and his sloping browed ilk. I rarely dissent from the Collective Will of the Left. My position on the rights of Hicks is the same as any other democratic socialist or progressive minded sort. It is best summed up by former Australian Diplomat Tony Kevin in his 2005 article on It says in part:

"As an Australian citizen abroad, Hicks is entitled to effective Australian Government consular protection when arrested and charged with serious crimes by a foreign government. For the past four years he has not had this protection. To surrender his final fate to a military “court” where the US military is at once plaintiff, jailer, evidence-gatherer, prosecutor, judge and jury cannot give him a fair trial. At the very least, he should be tried by a US civil court (as was US citizen John Walker Lindh). Or he should be returned for trial in Australia as other non-US Guantanamo inmates (e.g., British, French prisoners) are being repatriated to face judicial process in their own countries."

Kevin is pretty much right. Hicks and all the Guantanamo Bay inmates are being denied procedural fairness and the provision of basic human rights. They should have full consular protection of their respective states and/or the Red Cross and other international bodies. They should be charged (where evidence permits) and brought before civil courts to face speedy trial, not the offhand processes of an American military commission. Hicks has complained about being abused and tortured, first by the Northern Alliance and later by the American military. This should be investigated and rectified.

Indeed there is only one point on which I differ with Tony Kevin and that's about returning Hicks to Australia for trial. As far as this little white pervert can see there are two problems here:

1. At the time Hicks was captured by the Yanks (late 2001) nothing he had
been alleged to have done was an offence under Australian law. Should he be returned to Australia he would not face trial;

2. He is a religious extremist. I will elaborate further on this in a

What sticks in your devoted correspondents craw in all of this are the calls for compassion and mercy for Hicks from my comrades in the Intellectual Elites. Justice, I can stomach - but compassion? For a religious lunatic? Fuck off Ibrahim. Let us not forget that Hicks, willingly and of his own choice, decided to fight with the Taliban - a religious and political movement which can only be described as repellent and extreme beyond all human imagining.

From 1996 until 2001 the Taliban, a Sunni muslim sect from the majority Pashtun ethnic group, ruled the Afghani people with an ethic straight from the dark ages. Women in particular suffered the most excruciating abuses under this regime of backwards village mullahs. The Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has documented in vivid detail the justice dispensed under the Taliban. Not only to women, but to other groups such as the Hazara people - an ethnic minority in Afghanistan who made the poor choice of being Shia muslims. It is believed that at least 15000 Hazara were murdered at the hands of the Taliban in the period 1996-2001.

Consider, if you will, this selection of links which indicate the mercy and compassion available to those who failed to meet the particularly narrow interpretation of Koranic law which prevailed under the Taliban.

A woman beaten in Kabul for removing her burqa

Four men hanged publicly

Bodies of political prisoners rotting in the streets of Herat

Scences in Kabul following the amputation of the hands and feet of two men accused of theft

A public execution in Kabul

The massacre by the Taliban of 3000 Hazara people in January 2001

Amputations, beatings, brutal summary executions. Mass murder. Corpses left to rot in the streets. The Taliban (which means "seekers of knowledge") instituted a system of social order which many in the West would have thought was left long in the distant past.

Not so, gentle reader.

Girls were not permitted to attend school nor to work in public places. Secular education was dismissed as satanic so boys only attended Madrassahs or religious schools. As women could not see male doctors and as the relatively small number of female medical practitioners were no longer permitted to practice, the reality for Afghani women did not include any standard of health care. In fact (with the exception of gathering water) women and girls were not permitted to leave their homes without the escort of a male relative and always wearing the ubiquitous burqua.

Executions under the rule of the Taliban were public and horrific. In addition to being hanged from street lamps and cranes on street corners (a practice also beloved of the Iranian regime), supposed wrong doers were often buried up to their waists (in the case of men) or their necks (for the women folk) and then stoned or shot.

In the middle of all of this, we find the confused David Hicks, trained in warfare by the KLA and now with his Koran (English translation no doubt) in one hand and an AK-47 in the other bunking down with Islamic nutcases in the wastelands of Afghanistan. To trot out an old cliche, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

I feel no sympathy for this repulsive individual. Dear Davey doesn't like the consequences of being on the losing side and he wants to come home. I view him in the same way I view Americans who have supported George Bush and his republican frat boy mates, but now have doubts. If you don't want to be lumped in with the racists, the fruitcakes and the god-bothering pointy heads don't support them, whether that support is voting for them or taking to the field of battle on their behalf.

At this juncture, I should expand a little on why I don't want Hicks to be returned to Australia. Basically, the bloke is a loony. Anyone who declares themselves to be follower of fundamentalist Islam (or Christianity for that matter) should be considered to be mentally unsound and not suited to mix in civilised society. Frankly these people make me feel uncomfortable. I don't like religious people. Like many secular Australians, I don't want to live near or be exposed to such characters.

You see, bad things happen when people "of faith" arrive on the scene. Just ask the indigenous people of North America. Whether it's a Jehovah's Witness stuffing anti blood transfusion tracts under your front door, or a hooting, hollering pro-lifer spitting on and hissing at women going to abortion clinics or even a cranky Islamic "martyr" decked out in this year's latest Semtex fashions who is desirous of redecorating your favourite cafe -- these people just fuck shit up.

70 plus virgins? Fuck that. Give me one fire-breathing sex fiend with a 10 inch cock and a bottle of amyl and I'll probably kill just about anyone you care to name.

There is something particularly spooky about christians and muslims, especially those of the fundamentalist stripe. I have to confess that I place these two religious movements at the top of my icky list. Observant followers of Judaism, Farsis, Bahais for example are all much less offensive. Sure their stupid, superstitious beliefs are just as ridiculous but when was the last time you had a black hatted orthodox Jew knocking on your door and exhorting you to eat kosher, oy gevalt? Unlike like wild eyed disciples of the Prophet or tight lipped cattle prods for Christ - these other, lesser religions don't proselytise. In Matty the Damned's world view, that counts for something.

On balance, I think it's much better that Hicks remains in the good old USA. I mean the place is already leaking god struck sociopaths. What the Taliban (and other similar regimes throughout the muslim world) sought to impose on Afghanistan is not that different to what Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or even dear old Freddy Phelps would like to see happen in that One Nation Under God. I'm sure he'll feel right at home. Even if it is in a cramped cell being broom handled by a 300 lbs monster named Bubba. Shit, let the Brits have Hicks. Whatever you do, don't send him back down here - we don't need the fucker.

I support justice for David Hicks. I support his right to a fair and impartial trial before a civil court. I support his right to be treated with dignity before the law, despite the fact he supports a religious movement that denies these rights to others.

But don't expect me to feel compassionate towards him. I'll save my compassion and sympathy for the people of Afghanistan and all others who languish under the dirty hand of religious extremism and authoritarian brutality wherever it may be found.



At Tue May 09, 08:54:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger De-Atrophier said...

I don't want him in Americunt.

I don't doubt that he is being tortured. That is why they re-patriate people so they can torture them. Our cuntry doesn't give a god damm rats ass about anybody but good ole Christian boys.

At Tue May 09, 12:12:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous P-rat said...

I have a better idea! One bullet to the head for being caught fighting against the great country of America then dice up the bodies and go fishing. Cristian loonies killed in the name of their god in the past, Islamic loonies are killing today and the fight is not going their way. So kill em, grab the beer and lets go fishing! And don't forget the fresh chum.

Screw their rights, this is fundamental war!

At Tue May 09, 12:15:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous p-rat said...

That was Christian not cristian. Damn computers!

At Tue May 09, 08:56:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...

I have a better idea! One bullet to the head for being caught fighting against the great country of America then dice up the bodies and go fishing. Cristian loonies killed in the name of their god in the past, Islamic loonies are killing today and the fight is not going their way. So kill em, grab the beer and lets go fishing! And don't forget the fresh chum.

Screw their rights, this is fundamental war!

and of course

That was Christian not cristian. Damn computers!

Dear Bill,

Computers? More the Cab Sav I would think. Nevertheless, your sentiments are duly noted and agreed with. Except for the Yay America! bit.

But then we are none of us perfect. :)

(Who posts THEN drinks)

At Tue May 09, 09:02:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous God said...

I don't want to fuck him, you can't make me.

But seriously, I don't want him back either, there are enough creeps here already, we were lucky enough to be rid of him in the first place. The crimes of the religious are unforgiveable.

Overall though I blame the easter Bunny.

best wishes to you all,

love God

At Fri May 12, 12:20:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Tony The Hung Italian said...

Matty, I could not agree more regarding David Hicks. As an American who is not one of the Christo-facists, I am embarassed by the public policy and actions of the current administration. I must say however that Islamic religious nut-cases are really no different than any other hateful and dangerous groups.

I do not approve of the U.S. holding anyone in violation of his or her rights. But I do think that progressive people should be devoting more time and energy to those less culpable than the likes of David Hicks. Countless individuals are oppressed in the United States and across the globe, and the vast majority of these people are not religious zealots killing blindly in the name of some blood-stained religion.

David Hicks devoted his life to killing in the name of god. He is not the type of person I am going to devote my time and energy to "saving". He is merely a tool of another branch of oppression.

I, too say "Fuck David Hicks" but my guess is that he has a really tiny penis,and that it wouldn't be worth the effort.

At Fri May 12, 02:40:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Daddy said...

Matty, Matty, Matty.....

Once again you have enlightened us about the incredible mess that the country called the United States is forcing on the world. Yes this man is a waste of time and energy, and yes, his fundimentalism is akin to that of my Reverend Father; bless his departed soul. However, if you please, this one is for you guys in Australia. This is one you need to reclaim, and to see to it that he doesn't return here to the U.S. at all.

While you are at it, please take Falwell, Robertson and all the rest of the idiots that regularly screw up our Nation.

If you have the time, I would be pleased to see your opinion of my latest donation to the AM blogs, and let me know what you think. My patience is growing ever thinner and my weakness of letting off steam in the most inoportune times is slowly creeping to the surface. Am I to be a crotchity old man that nobody wants to be around, or will some sense of calm come to my life before I step to the other side? I hate questions with no answer.

Thank you for letting us in on the story of this man and the incredibly weakness of spirit that drives people to "Fundimentalism".

In Deep Respect, Your Daddy. :D

At Fri May 12, 03:32:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Tony The Hung Italian said...

"If you have the time, I would be pleased to see your opinion of my latest donation to the AM blogs, and let me know what you think."

Not Matty here, but I enjoyed your latest blog on AM. I also did not find your reference to John and Trish as unkind or offensive. Too bad John couldn't read past his own ego to comprehend what you were saying.

I have trouble with people who love to engage in lots of gay sex, and then run to the comfortable safety that is "heterosexual privilege". People who engage in gay sex and are strong enough to openly embrace their identity, I respect. Those who dabble in the delights and pleasures of our world and run to the safety and advantages of the heterosexual world annoy me.

Not meaning to lash out at John (or as I often unkindly refer to him "KY Hetroman" (hetero spelled incorrectly to rhyme with metro) I do resent those I have known in my lifetime who actively enjoy all the pleasures of gay life without taking on the burden of the discrimination openly gay people face.

Daddy, your message regarding the fact that gay people are STILL oppressed is an important one to make. Keep up the good fight.


At Fri May 12, 04:42:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Tony the hung Italian said...

MTD, I didn't mean to hijack in my message it Daddy.

PS I loved your post regarding the "queer conservative".

At Sun May 14, 07:32:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...

Daddy Tim,

As I alluded to in my article - there may be a happy compromise for both our nations. Hicks' mother is a Brit and it turns out (much to the horror of the UK Government) he is entitled to British citizenship. It may well be that the Brits will seek his release from Gitmo as they did with their other citizens so encumbered and take him home to Blighty.

Hope springs eternal.


Welcome again! Hicks has created a fuss here mainly because our conservative federal government is more than happy to leave the nasty little scroat to the tender mercies of the US military.

A strong anti-american streak runs throught he Australian Left. And generally I share that streak, but towards to US institutions rather than it's people.

To many of my comrades here, the perceived injustices of US foreign and security policies far outweigh what people like Hicks and the Taliban get up to and on that point I disagree with with them.

The activities of the US government are often reprehensible, but the conduct of the Taliban (or the regimes in Iran, Syria, Sudan and countless other places) are simply beyond the pale and it does nobody on the Left any credit to suggest otherwise.

Like you I have little time for middle class white boys who find religion and then go interfering in the affairs of other nations - especially when they take up with the likes of islamic extremists.



At Fri May 19, 01:41:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am David Hicks, and I'm a Irish citizen, and damned glad I'm not THAT David Hicks! :^)

At Fri May 19, 12:19:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...

Hey, Davie-

Thanks for stumbling on our little experiment in absinthe and anarchy. Page through the posts and settle in with a could be a long night.


At Mon May 22, 02:08:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Everyday Activist said...

"The activities of the US government are often reprehensible, but the conduct of the Taliban (or the regimes in Iran, Syria, Sudan and countless other places) are simply beyond the pale and it does nobody on the Left any credit to suggest otherwise."

I totally agree, and yet, American Fundimentalists would do the same thing if they could. They wish they could enforce Leviticus.

Tony The Hung Italian
Aka Everday Activist in the world of blogs.

PS. I caused or rather was part of a stir on Americablog. Go to my blog or many other blogs such as Pam's House Blend to find out more.

Matty, you are a brilliant writer. I love to read your words. Keep making the "blogosphere" a better place. :)!

At Tue May 23, 08:39:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Everyday Activist said...

Babe! You didn't get off on the wrong foot. Internet forums can be funny places. Somedays your shit hot and EVERYONE just has to comment in your thread or send you PM's telling you how fabulous you are and on other days, no prick wants to know you. It's got nothing to do with you, it just 'happens. To all of us.'

You Matty, on the other hand are always hot hot hot!

Your fan, Tony The Extremely Well-hung Activist

*Did I mention that I am Italian?!

At Tue May 23, 09:24:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Okay, I am not a nice person, so I will be honest. I lurk at Great posts, had an incident where I thought I was infected and became hooked like a total crack addict.

I developed some observations.

Annnn. Nice, smart, kind.

Matty, funny as all fucking hell!

Jkatlanta, whatever his name is, he is smart as hell. Good job!

Bucko, the Anais Nin of the blogosphere.

Dingowhatever, bitchy but probably a very nice guy.

Trish, good to the core, what is she doing with that turd John.

John, KC Whateverman, boring as hell, must have a big dick to keep Trish intested. Boring as fuck.

Blondbeauty, a really nice person.

Sweetieweasel, nice as well.

At Tue May 23, 09:28:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Condi Lingist said...

Same opinion about John, he looks like his farts smell like radioactive waste.

At Wed May 24, 03:01:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Everyday Activist said...

Please call me a GIRL!!!!
A few weeks ago I got into a heated discussion with a fellow gay male. His only response to my witty retorts was "You are such a GIRL". I kept saying "THANK YOU!" and he never got it!

A few years ago I volunteered working with second grade students helping them with reading and math skills. One day there was a big fuss made over one student calling another student a "GIRL". My respsonse was "Wow! Girls are wonderful, powerful, kind, funny, friendly and amazing, you can call me a girl anytime!!!" The second graders got it. From that point on being called a girl in that classroom was considered a compliment.

I am a gay male who NEVER thinks the word GIRL is an insult. Too bad Aravosis doesn't get it.

BTW I have a VERY big penis, but still enjoy being called a girl now and again@

At Thu May 25, 03:12:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...


Much as I welcome the compliments strewn about like rosepetals in my path, I really must take exception with your characterization of John (KCMetro). Never having met him, I'm not quite sure as to how you have reached such an opinion.

Like all of us diseased pariahs, I'm sure he has his share of baggage. But I've never read anything he's posted directing personal animosity or bile.

And although we all enjoy our less-than-favorable opinions of others follies and short-comings, publishing them on our blog might seem as tacit support for your opinions. I look forward to meeting as many members of the AIDSmeds forums as possible in Montreal and have no wish to start any introductions with an apology.

Besides, he likes what I write, so he can't he that radioactive, cheri.


At Thu May 25, 07:46:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

"Like all of us diseased pariahs, I'm sure he has his share of baggage. But I've never read anything he's posted directing personal animosity or bile."

Actually there was a really nice guy from San Diego, Corvo, and John chased him off the website with "tough love" or in John's case, it was probably spelled "tuff luv".

He contradicts himself repeatedly, and in the blogosphere, it is easy to document. Sorry, not very nice of me.

At Thu May 25, 07:49:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

"Besides, he likes what I write, so he can't he that radioactive, cheri."

He likes what you write because:

1) You are a very good writer.

2) He craves and misses the cock greatly, all while insisting he is "straight" whatever.

Sorry, just stating what many of us think, and are afraid to state.

At Fri May 26, 03:48:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...


First of all: your handle is beyond fab, just a little bit too obscure for the great unwashed but frieght with rendolence for those (we) who know of her work. Her Queen of Siam album was an essential in my collection when Nina was still bellowing Berlinerin about TV-Glotzer, Tom Waits growling about those Blue Valentines stuffed in the nightstand drawer, and Annabella Lwin shreiking about the erotic possibilities of hurling herself from the Eiffel Tower. "Atomic Bongos" remains lodged into my brain like a puddle of antifreeze. Both Matty and I delight in the reference, luv.

But as I stated previously, let's reserve our vitrol and bile for the deserving. Self-contradictory posts have a variety of explainations, not the least of which would be a reluctance to expose one's still-beating heart to the casual opinions of MB passers-by and bean-counting bitches with their own particular axes to grind into it. And pointing out duplicity in the statements of a self-described bisexual is rather like complaining of the shade of red one's neighbor chooses to paint his barn.

Bisexuals, real true bisexuals (and not just horny pigs), walk the razor's edge every day. My sister, whom I love and respect more than water or air, is a real-life bisexual. But she understands the necessity of accepting society's pre-approved labels regarding the sexual proclivities of its members. A relationship would be impossible were she to live out her urges as they appear. Ask her and she'd self-identify as a lesbian happily committed in a partnership that's endured over ten years (and that would be absolutely factual). But she occasionally yearns, not just for cock (about which she is extremely ambivelent), but for the emotional connections she has only ever found with men. As we were raised to make moral choices that confound lesser mortals, commitment trumps everything, with interpersonal commitment taking priority over self-gratification. That is not to say that self-denial is laudable. Rather it is a responsibility, and one that we assume with all the weight such responsibilities entail.

I'll interject here that, having no commitment to anyone in particular at the moment, I am free to fuck with impunity. But I accepted the limits of engagement for the six months I was with G (to whom I made the commitment with only hope for his being capable of recipricosity on the presumption that it would eventually arrive, alas). My nine years spent with KL were a text-book example of how I can submerge my ego in pursuit of partnership.

Now, back to John (and, I suppose, Trish). I am loathe to project my presumtions of them, because:

1) They are just beginning their attempt at a commitment;
2) Their motovations (aside from the obvious desire for companionship) remain obscure to me because;
3) I do not know them personally, just what I've read which is only what they've chosen to reveal;
4) I have a soft spot for romance;
5) I reserve the right to form my own opinions based on first-hand observations in Montreal.

As to the brouhaha involving Corvo: It happened whilst I was essentially inactive on AM. I cannot claim to have lived through his myriad threads as they were being written. While he was (is) undeniably attractive and eloquent, his posts were frequently self-indulgent, self-pitying and self-loathing, displaying a gift for finding the reflexive pathos in everything with which he seemed to come into contact. The AM message boards are an elephant's graveyard of different types, Corvo's being just one of several. Is it a shame that some leave after some altercation or other? Sure...but it's the nature of the beast. If Corvo had used the forums to his benefit, he would have established bonds that would (could) have endured whatever humiliation or lack of empathy suffered by a few of the more agressive members.

That's life...

Again, thanks for the follow-up. It (obviously) made me think.


At Fri May 26, 05:43:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Thanks for the response. You are right, I do not know these people, so my observations are merely based on my
limited lurking at

I just feel like John is a bit of a bully. If he were more interesting, I think I would overlook the character flaw, but he isn't. He just reminds me of an overly macho, not extremely intelligent "dude" in the worst sense.

He has lost his temper many times in the forums. I am just calling him on his behavior.

It is not even so much that I am questioning if John is or isn't bisexual. I am questioning the way in which he wears a sexual orientation for his own convenience.

We know that "heterosexual" privilege
is something that we as gay people do not possess. As openly gay people, we face all the discrimination that the world has to offer. We cannot conveniently slip into another sexual orientation when convenient. ( I guess we could, but then we would have no integrity)

John is heterosexual,bisexual, homosexual, depending on the moment.
Perhaps one would be more gentle with John's little identity issues, but he came down on Corvo like a hammer on an anvil. He chose to be harsh, and by doing so, communicated to all those watching or reading that he is a person who uses cruelty to make a point. By doing this he opened himself up to harsh criticism.

At Fri May 26, 08:21:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

"Both Matty and I delight in the reference, luv."

I recently read a Lydia Lunch quote:

"I'm nihilistic, antagonistic, violent, horrible - but not obliterated, yet."

I am glad you got the reference to Ms. Lunch. I had a feeling you and Matty would get it.

I am sorry for being so harsh with John at I will try to think before I snark.

At Fri May 26, 02:31:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...


Lydia darling! I'm a particular fan of Vortex. As the Divinely Buckled One noted, your handle is most appreciated around here.

Ah, Poor John! I too know the dear lad from the Forums. From what I can tell he seems a good beast. I have no particular objection to him.

I always thought the dear chappie was gay, it was Buckles who advised me of his bi-sexual leanings. Now I understand he identifies as straight. Ah well, whatever bakes his cake. We are none of us perfect.

Still Trish seems fond of him and since I hold the Trishie in high regard, John must have something going for him.

As I am someone who regularly offends the sensibilities of just about everyone he comes in contact with, I appreciate your snappy style. Never apologise for being mean about people. It's toxic bitches like you and I who say what the others think. ;-)

Well met dear! Return often!


At Sat May 27, 07:23:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Thanks Matty,

BTW I got a chance to read the back posts from this blog and Ronnie's. So much good work done and so much good reading!

I respect what you are saying about John. I think the blogosphere (if that is indeed how it is spelled) is a lot like many other forms of media. We get a glimpse and an idea about people we do not know, and by doing so unfairly judge others.

I think it is good to be a toxic bitch, because those who tell me the truth I value highly. I try not to
spit my venom unjustly (most of the time I swallow--another subject for another day!).

I guess a lot of my resentment comes from feeling that the LBGT community lacks solidarity. Those of us who bravely wear our identities (and perhaps to often our hearts) on our sleeves end up fighting the battle alone. I have too often seen my queer sisters and brothers bail out of the trenches because it got rough on the battle field. I think it is because we are fighting for our lives, both literally and culturally, that I take this so seriously.

By culture, I am refering to our unique and distinctive gay culture. We are not to be dismissed as merely acting on a whim, or making a lifestyle choice. Those who bail out of the trenches are fodder for our enemies to use as "evidence" that we can easily change, and should therefore "snap out of it".


I guess I should be more tolerant of the diversity of human sexual expression, and not act pissed when another power-bottom shrills loudly that he just loves, loves, loves, pussy. I respect that every person has the right to decide how to live her or his life. Even if that means
abandoning her or his own community.

It just makes me love the out and proud among us.

At Sat May 27, 07:27:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Oppps I meant to say "too often" not
" to often". I should proof read before I spew my toxic venom some have called an elixir.

At Sat May 27, 07:30:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Oppps, I meant to say oops. I must be still drunk on cock, provided by the delicious "str8" mechanic I just sucked off, when I came in for a lube job.

At Sat May 27, 11:53:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Dachshund said...

Dearest Lydia,

If you are not pissed,then you should not be here. Here I found the comrades in arms that I will forever treasure. Plus,some damn fine reading. I GET what you saying...don't hold back.

Buck-Buck and Matty-poo get to typing...I need some summer reading.

At Sat May 27, 12:43:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...

I guess a lot of my resentment comes from feeling that the LBGT community lacks solidarity. Those of us who bravely wear our identities (and perhaps to often our hearts) on our sleeves end up fighting the battle alone. I have too often seen my queer sisters and brothers bail out of the trenches because it got rough on the battle field. I think it is because we are fighting for our lives, both literally and culturally, that I take this so seriously.

Babe, I understand completely. I rail constantly against the spineless white-bread moderate 'lesbigays' who seem to have infested our finer pubs and sex on premises venues.

Sure, gays and lesbians are tortured and executed in Iran but the most pressing issue for drug fucked cock suckers of the West is gay marriage and their "right" to have their cocker-spaniel counted as a dependent. Or that to be an activist these days involves wearing a Red Ribbon and a concerned look once a year.

What the fuck?

So believe me babe, I hate those spineless twink wannabes as much as you.

Pass me the bong. ;-D

(Who promotes bitterness at every opportunity)

At Sat May 27, 02:35:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...


I perhaps came down a trifle too hard on you dear (a top's perogative, je suppose). Please don't underestimate the piss and venom that launched our little experiment in absinthe and anarchy here. Ronnita, Matty and I were all pissed at so many complacencies within the gay and/or HIV/AIDS communities (not even vaguely close to being the same thing, doncha know). Matty rails against the "lesbigays" with such powerful vitrol (and astonishingly well-reasoned, brilliantly constructed prose), and our beloved Ronnita has stirred up more than one shitstorm by simply questioning whether or not corporate sponsors had a place at AIDSmeds (so irrelevant now that S&S has taken over, planted ads under our heart-filled posts and instituted juvenile "time-out" guidelines which have effectively quashed spirited debate).

And although my blogposts may seem like the spoonful of sugar (or Crisco, as the case may be) around here, they're not. I choose to recount experiences from my personal history (or most recently, from my current life) not for the purient interests of our readership nor from any puny exihibitionistic impulse, but in an attempt to portray the virus' effect effect(s) on my life (and by extention, on the lives of millions).

As my beloved Louise Brooks once wrote: "I do not bring up sex in my articles unless it has a direct bearing on relationships- and it always does."

Very early on, following my piece on blowjobs (or perhaps my essay regarding porno theater cruising in the seventies)I was accused of being a pornographer, which struck me as slightly ridicule, to say the least. Although I wrote explicitly about my sexual experiences as they occurred at the time, as someone who has been a rabid fan of hard-core smut forever the story struck me as, well, curiously unsexy...kinda like jerking off in a mirror. My later story about my poor little demon/angel JD integrated sex and AIDS much better, but is, again, rather frustrating as far as one-handed fiction goes (perhaps BECAUSE of the AIDS content). By the time I started the cycle on Jean-Marc our readers were trained in understanding the context of all the thrusting pistons and champagne cumshots, and although those chapters contain many references to sexual experiences, it is the portrait of the relationship and love that is ultimately the most revealing.

Who knows? Maybe folks DO come sniffing around these parts looking for a hard-on. I'll not deny them the pleasure...we all take what we want (and are capable of carrying) away from any experience. And I'm not being disingenuous in my understanding the erotic import my writing conveys. In a recent IM conversation with my pal Iggy, I tried to explain why chapter three is so hard for me to write (aside from three weeks of atrocious nausea and screaming squirts that have left me weakened and -easily- ten pounds lighter). It involves an especially difficult experience that was totally out of control (about which you'll read eventually, I promise). When I explained the particulars he took a moment and responded: "That's sick, but kinda hot".

Anyways, the oddity of Matty and me exchanging our good cop/bad cop personas in your case leaves me (and undoubtedly a few others) scratching our heads. Look, baby, we're all insufferable bitches around here, trust me. In the privacy of our daily IMs, Matty and I are vicious, bitter old crones with hardly a pleasant thing to say about anybody. So why did I come down so hard on you? Don't take it personally, nina. It wasn't intended that way.

Des gros bisous,


I'm writing as fast as I can, sweetheart. But Bucko holds down a full-time job, and (as you know) has taken one for the team. This latest spell of sickness, which has lasted FOREVER, luvvie, made any serious writing impossible. I spent over four hours tapping out 1500 of the shittiest, least-inspired words ever to be committed to my hard drive. I'm not sure whether to edit the shit out of it or toss it all and start from scratch, it's truly that putrid.

But at least I'm trying, and it's been two days since I actually puked (although I had such a close call today...ugly close). Hopefully equal parts energy and inspiration shall prevail and I'll post. Look for an announcement thread within a week on AIDSmeds.

Love ya-

At Sun Jun 04, 03:03:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Lydia Lunch said...

Matty, I just read your comments on "spirituality" on and I have to say that I agree with you 100 percent. If people freely share their superstitions, why is it then "insensitive" to disagree? I thought everything you said was on point and very well written.

Bucko, I always love reading your response to my many rantings and ravings. You have given me much to think about, and I don't think you were hard on me at all. In fact, I respect your honesty. (I can't wait to read your latest chapter!).

Daschie, thank you for your response as well.

I find that anger often fuels my fire and gets me off my ass
to work for change. I try not to go off half-cocked (I always want to be fully-cocked when I do go off) and I do try to temper my temper with reason. As Johnny Rotten once said while in PIL "Anger is an energy!" I try to use that energy productively whenever I can.

At Thu Jun 08, 02:53:00 PM GMT+10, Blogger Matty the Damned said...


Forgive my late reply to this comment. As you know I've been busy beating up idiots in the commentary section of Buckles' latst outrage against decency.

The spiritual amongst us always piss me off when they start with the "I'm not religious but I am spiritual . . . " or when they bitch because you tell 'em they're full of shit.

Inevitably at AIDSMEDS the issue comes up because some poor dear who, in light of a new diagnosis of queer plague and terrified of his or her impending demise, refuses to accept that they go on forever. At those times MtD smacks some sense into them.

You'd think they'd be grateful . . . ;-)


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