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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fear and love. The only true drives in our lives.

In everything we do in our daily lives only two forces rule : fear and love.

The best example is a blind date.
Picture yourself getting ready to see a potential life mate for the very first time.
And now try to feel which forces bubble up in your very own soul.

First there is the fear that you might not even get to the meeting point : will it be foggy, will I encounter a blizzard, get stuck in a traffic jam, have a flat tire, run out of petrol, crash my car, get lost on the road, have mechanical problems ? Etc...

Then there is the fear of not going to please your date : am I educated enough, wearing the right clothes for the occasion, will he/she like my cologne, does my breath smell ok, is he/she gone like the colour of my hair, the way I dress, the way I talk, move, smile, or am I too short or just too tall, too fat or too skinny, will he/she like me to be quiet or just talkative? Etc.....

And of course the fear that your date will not live up to your expectations : is he/she romantic, friendly, elegant, sportive enough; has he/she been to college, does he/she love pets, like oriental food; does he/she sleep with the air-conditioning on, does he/she snore, have a bad temper, or doesn’t always flush? Etc....

But why the hell are we wanting to go through with living when life holds so many fears???

Love, nothing but the urge to love, be love, live love and only love. That is the reason.
If we listen to the voice of love we are able to cross valleys or mountain peaks, accept bad moods or a smelly breath.
If we would only go for it and let our faith and thrust guide us, then only would we truly live.
We would be able to see the beauty of life, the shine of love, through all the mistakes we make.
But love is forgiving and kind, never fails, and lifts us to the highest mirwana.

If we could only let love be our guide instead of fear.....

To my doctor Bea, in gratitude and admiration.



At Thu Oct 13, 02:01:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Bucko said...


Flushing's a deal breaker.




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