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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its ALL about Oil....

Strange isn’t it that “We The People” are being used by our own government to not only fund a war, but also to loose many of our young people in that war, simply to benefit Oil Companies. I’m sure this is no surprise to most readers of the Spin Cycle, but actually knowing why or how this is going on, then empowers us to not only inform those in our own circles, but to fight the law makers who happen to be on the take from said companies.

In doing a bit of research online, I was able to find some websites which illustrate this fact in an all too plain a fashion. This link will show you how the Energy Information Administration of our own government is tracking the oil fields located in the Caspian Sea area of the former U.S.S.R. This one will show the deal that was struck by congress in 1998 firming up plans for constructing a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, of course traversing the mountains of Afghanistan, and Pakistan. And this one is a report from the BBC about the culmination of that deal, which is dated 2002.

I don’t know if any of you are alarmed by this news, or if any of you actually give a hoot, but if you read the history of the Vietnam War, and go way back to the struggles the French put up in that country; I think you will find that war was also over oil and rubber. In that case, Michelin had a whole lot to do with the impetus of France going there.

Now we are faced with a new administration that is going to be dealing with this problem and on top of that; a war in Iraq which is a war to claim more oil reserves which are not ours. All of this to support Halliburton and Bechtel corporations in their vacuuming of tax dollars into their coffers reconstructing the oil infrastructure we destroyed while attacking that country. This of course is due to a promise made by our number two man, Cheney, to make up for the incredible losses he created while at the helm of Halliburton. All in all, we have been duped and led to believe yet one more very huge lie about us being there for the support and spread of Democracy. What a load of shit.

I find it so amazing that not only the Republican base is firmly in support of these two conflicts, but in fact many Democrats are there too. Even more astounding, those pesky Christians are right in the mix with their prayers and support of these conflicts. Even my parents when they were alive told me that it was vitally important to kill all the infidels and enemies of Israel, who were the personification of the devil. I of course asked if all people who worship through Islam were devils and should be killed, which they assured me was correct according to scripture. For those who don’t remember, my father was a minister and a missionary, and was schooled in John Brown University, a Baptist school of huge renowned. Unfortunate also that the extreme conservative side of Islam is also in the same struggle against us, and funny thing, they also go to their own scriptures in the Koran, to justify their war against us and Israel. Why is it that people must invoke the name of God to go on a national killing spree, and then when they are in the middle of it, spend huge amounts of time asking God’s blessing on the conflict? I would welcome any answers.

I don’t have a clue what any individual can do to not only renounce this “Oil” political policy, outside of driving an electric car, or some other very expensive or burdensome action. On the other hand, I remember when I was a youth in the sixties that when we became informed of issues of this incredible importance; we got busy and got active to create opposition to the idiotic issues at the time.

Now days, it is so very easy to find information on the web and to inform ourselves about the decisions being made in Washington that are going to affect us, or you can be like the lady in my bank who’s son is now in Iraq and when I speak of these things she stops what she is doing and holds her hands over her ears and won’t listen to any of it. I understand why she is hesitant to find the answers, being that her flesh and blood is there and involved, but this illustrates to me so very well how many of our country are just turning a blind ear and eye to our deplorable political record in this world. In my humble view, if I was in my twenties to forties, I would spend as much time as possible dedicated to this glaring miscalculation of policy and fight it until everyone in this country was aware of it.

My worst and most feared sense to this foreign policy is that the media is in on it and is playing patsy to the government. I know this administration has already told the Whitehouse press corps that if anyone prints anything about it they will be barred from press conferences immediately, and very few news networks are willing to be put in the spotlight for resistance to the norm. Furthermore, our news in this day is driven by advertising dollars, and we all know that the congress is now owned by the corporate world and for that WE are only to blame.

Funny thing is, now that I have placed all these facts down on paper, it seems so very obvious and such a waste of time, that I feel like hitting delete and just canning the whole thing. Maybe through my placing it here, I can inspire one person in this country to action, then I have done my part in fighting this obsession with world dominance that we have now placed ourselves in. Fortunately the world will go on, even when the United States kills itself and its economy though simple ignorance. When China moves into Washington D.C. and forces us to accept their domination and their rule, then maybe we will have awakened and will then be able to do something and make an attempt to save our nation. Unfortunately I don’t have a whole load of hope that this will actually take place and I see a time when China will not only rule our economy, as it does now, but will also move into the halls of congress to RULE us directly.

I am glad I am 61, and I fear for those children who are now growing up in a climate of hopelessness and frustration with our lack of direction. Hopefully their parents will be able to guide them into fields of work that will insulate them and make it possible for them to be able to pick up the pieces and make something of what is left of this shambles we are now creating for them.

When did our democracy become a “Demockery”?


At Tue May 06, 03:07:00 AM GMT+10, Anonymous Anton said...

It turns out that there are oil resevoirs beneath the continental shelf off the US pacific coast. But because of environmentalist paranoia, the US Goverment has enacted laws making those resevoirs UNTOUCHABLE. An oil pipline through such a volatile region as the middle east would be very vulnerable to terrorist sabotage(in remote regions like the Afghan mountains) and so disruptions would be very frequent.
I have no doubt that iraqi oil fields will also be under threat of terrorist attack and so this will further drive up the price of oil. Right now America is increasingly at risk of another energy crisis is something isnt dont to put a STOP to this.

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